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Wrongful Death Case Funding in Los Angeles

Losing a loved one is difficult. This is especially true if the death was caused by someone’s gross negligence. When this occurs, it’s your right to hire an experienced wrongful death lawyer and file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover monetary damages. No matter how strong your case may be, it could take years to settle it. California Legal Funding, LLC, can help you with legal funding. The amount you could be granted for a cash advance for legal funding will depend on the earning power of the deceased, the savings of the deceased, the degree in which the family was dependent on the deceased, and pain and suffering prior to death, to name a few factors.

Wrongful Death Settlement Loans

Wrongful death settlement loans provide financial legal assistance to those suffering from the loss of a loved one with a wrongful death lawsuit. After the lawsuit is finalized and a compensation settlement is reached, it can take a long time to receive a compensation check. In the meantime, bills have to be paid. A wrongful death settlement loan can help keep a victim and their family stays financially afloat while waiting for the compensation check.

Legal Funding for Wrongful Death Cases

The cost of funerals, burials, cremation, hospital bills, loss of wages, and more can bankrupt some families. Survivors must deal with the monetary stress along with the death of their loved one. Filing wrongful death lawsuits helps broken families regain their financial independence after the costs of losing a loved one adds financial stress. Where the victim was a breadwinner, lawsuit legal funding is even more helpful. This legal funding helps bridge the gap between the date of the accident/death and the final settlement award for your family in Los Angeles.

Lawsuit funding doesn’t have to be paid back. This is the case even if you don’t recover a settlement for your wrongful death case. Unlike other lawsuit funding companies, California Legal Funding offers a hassle- and risk-free application process. Applying takes mere minutes.

We just need your attorney’s name and your contact information to get an estimate for the settlement you could receive before we offer you an amount and an interest rate.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death cases lead to life-changing situations for families. Our pre-settlement loans for wrongful death cases help families stay financially afloat during the lengthy legal process. We understand the struggles that your family is dealing with and are always ready to help you to get through your wrongful death lawsuit with a cash advance in and around Los Angeles, California.

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