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Settlement Funding

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Settlement Funding in Los Angeles

In today’s hurried world, negligence is all too common. People cut corners and don’t follow all the rules, causing people to get hurt. Many people who have been harmed by negligence are hesitant to file a lawsuit because they believe they can’t afford the daily living costs involved with an extended litigation. But if you’ve been harmed or injured as a result of someone’s negligence, settlement funding in Los Angeles can help you pay for your personal injury, unfair employment actions, or a defective product lawsuit. This enables you and your attorney to go forward with your case and dedicate the necessary time to recover the maximum amount of compensation. California Legal Funding, LLC offers settlement funding that you’ll never need to worry about, with fair funding terms and the assurance that we only get paid if your case wins.

About Our Settlement Funding Company

Settlement funding can level the legal playing field by helping people who’ve been hurt by negligence seek justice. Often, their opponents are much wealthier than they are, and have access to huge financial and legal resources. This isn’t the case for most victims. Additionally, victims must continue to pay bills even if they’ve been hurt and lost time from work. Injuries require medical treatment, which is another expense. That’s why it’s so important to learn about our settlement funding company. If you’ve already filed a lawsuit and your case is pending, settlement funding can fund personal living expenses and give you the money you need to pay the bills while you wait for the final settlement amount to be determined. Don’t just back down and take the first low offer that a negligent party offers you to settle the dispute. You deserve to be compensated fairly for your injuries and for the harm that has been done to you.

What Are Settlement Loans?

Settlement loans are a risk-free way of obtaining the funds you need while keeping you financially afloat until the final settlement check arrives in the mail. The loan money comes from the final settlement itself. This makes a settlement loan a non-recourse loan that you need never pay back if the case is lost. How does this work? You contact the settlement funding company, and they contact your attorney. Your attorney gives them the information they need about your case and about how much of a settlement he or she thinks will be recovered. Then, the loan is made with a funding amount and terms that is based on the risks of the case.  The loan amount will be about ten to fifteen percent of the final settlement. As such, you will still likely get most of your compensation settlement in the end, and have money right away to use for whatever you need until that final check arrives.

Don’t lose your home or go bankrupt over a lawsuit. With settlement loans, you can remain financially solvent while the legal clock continues to tick.

About Settlement Advances in California

The application process for obtaining a settlement loan is very easy. There is no credit check, employment verification, nor any paperwork. All we need is your attorney’s contact information. We’ll contact him or her and handle everything from there. You can be approved and get your money within a few days to use as you see fit – whether it’s mortgage payments, utilities, or food. To learn more about settlement advances in California, call California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles today.