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Product Liability

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Product Liability Cases Funding

If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a faulty product you purchased in Los Angeles, you’re not only suffering from the injury, but also from its financial consequences. Your injury could require treatment and follow-up care, which costs money, and you may be missing time from work, jeopardizing your job or career. Additionally, bills like rent, don’t just stop coming simply because you’ve been hurt.

You have the right to hire a product liability attorney and pursue monetary compensation, but legal expenses can build up. Product liability legal cases can be complicated, since product manufacturers often have extensive resources to fight anyone who sues them, and will try to put the blame for the injury on you. Winning the case and getting compensated will take time. That is why seeking product liability case funding in Los Angeles may be a great option. Legal funding can help pay your living expenses or medical bills while you focus on healing.

Legal Funding for Product Liability Cases in Los Angeles

You may be afraid to borrow money to fund your product liability case because you’re wondering how you’re going to pay it all back, plus interest. You know that you have expenses piling up and that you’re already getting into debt because of that. Obtaining legal funding for a product liability case is not the same thing as getting a bank loan, where you have to pay back the loan, plus interest, on top of the bills and expenses you already have. This is because the money comes directly from your final settlement amount. Your attorney can work with a product liability legal funding company in Los Angeles to get you the money you need to finance the case, without getting into more debt. This enables you to pursue your case so that the negligent party is held accountable.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Product Liability Cases

If you’ve already seen a lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss a possible product liability case, you may be aware of whether or not your case has merit and if it could result in financial compensation. The attorney may have also discussed his fees with you, .  Pre-settlement loans for product liability cases may be a great option, because if you don’t win your case you don’t pay us back. This is because your attorney’s fees and the legal funding cash advance will be paid from the case settlement, once the case is finally settled and the amount of compensation is determined. This way, you can still pursue your product liability case in Los Angeles and not accrue a mountain of debt that you’ll have to deal with later.

Los Angeles Product Liability Case Settlement Loans

You’re still recovering from your injuries, and have everyday bills to pay. That compensation check is going to take some time – maybe even months – to get to you due to various legal delays and bureaucratic red tape. Los Angeles product liability case settlement loans can come in very handy here. This type of loan will allow you to pay your bills and medical expenses while you wait for that compensation check to arrive.

Schedule a Free Legal Funding Consultation to Learn More

If you have been hurt by the negligence of the manufacturer of a defective product that you’ve used, you’re probably upset and feeling rather helpless. But don’t let the negligent party walk away because you’re worried about the cost of pursuing legal justice! Laws are written to protect people like you from unscrupulous or negligent product manufacturers and you may be entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured. So don’t hesitate and schedule a free legal funding consultation with the experts at California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles to learn more. Call today and get back your peace of mind.