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Pre-Settlement Funding

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Pre-Settlement Funding in Los Angeles

If you’ve decided to file a personal injury lawsuit, a lawsuit against an employer for wrongful termination, or any other type of lawsuit in which you’ve been harmed by a negligent or unethical party, you may be wondering how you can afford the legal costs associated with the suit. All too often, victims of negligent actions do not pursue legal recourse because they believe they can’t afford to have a case drag on for months or years. This means that they accept a settlement too early – one that is neither fair nor adequate.

Treating the injuries that result from an accident can be expensive, the damages life-changing and debilitating. Pre-settlement funding can make it possible for a victim’s attorney to continue pursuing the case until a fair settlement is won. California Legal Funding in Los Angeles offers pre-settlement funding for personal injury cases, wrongful termination cases, and other cases in which a victim has been harmed by a negligent party.

About Pre-Settlement Funding Companies

Pre-settlement funding companies are growing in popularity and offer a new solution to an old problem. That old problem is how a victim of negligence with a small or moderate income can pursue justice against a party who has more money and resources to fight a court battle. Pre-settlement funding companies can level the legal playing field.

Pre-settlement funding companies offer cash advances to those who have filed a  lawsuit and repayment is made from the final case settlement itself.  As such, they never have to be paid back. The interest rate is determined by how much risk the case itself presents. In other words, the rate is determined by how likely it is that a certain settlement amount can be won. You should choose a pre-settlement company that has clear terms for its loans, has interest rates that vary with different cases according to risk, and has a simple application process.

What Are Pre-Settlement Loans?

Pre-Settlement loans are not really loans at all. While many people refer to legal funding as a loan it is actually a purchase by a legal funding company for the right to receive certain future proceeds if a case is successful.  Pre-settlement legal fundings are non-recourse that are actually cash advances on the final settlement of your case. A pre-settlement loan company will contact your attorney to discuss the merits and risks of your case so that an estimate of your compensation settlement can be determined. Based on this estimate, a loan or cash advance, amount and an interest rate will be offered. If accepted, you’ll get the money within a day or so. If you lose your case , you owe nothing back. If you win, the monies due the legal funding company are paid from the case settlement proceeds. If successful, you’ll get most of your settlement in the end, as the loan amount is only a small percentage (usually 10-15%) of the final settlement amount.

Pre-settlement loans allow your attorney to continue working on your case, resulting in a larger final compensation settlement. Pre-settlement loans are offered by legal funding companies for many different types of cases including auto accidents, unfair employment or wrongful termination, and injury from defective medical devices or pharmaceutical products. The best way to find out if your case qualifies for pre-settlement funding is to call  California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles today

Learn How to Get Legal Funding for Your Pending Lawsuit Today

If you’ve filed a lawsuit and the result is pending, you may have concerns about how you’ll pay for the continuing medical expenses, treatment for related injuries, and everything else. But don’t just back down and take the first low settlement you are offered by the negligent party. Apply for legal funding for your pending lawsuit today and ensure that the party that injured you is held accountable by paying you with compensation that is just and fair.

To learn how we can help your attorney to continue fighting for your rights, contact California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles today!