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Plaintiff Loans in California

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Plaintiff Loans in California

Modern life can be risky. People don’t always pay attention, and sometimes, someone gets hurt. Those who are injured or harmed in accidents are often worried about filing a lawsuit against the negligent party because they feel they won’t be able to handle the costs. Plaintiff loans in California are a growing trend and an intelligent solution to this problem.

Big companies and large employers would prefer that you didn’t know about this option, as they would much rather deny their own negligence, and have you give up the battle early and settle for a low amount of compensation. Unfortunately, that’s what many people do. But you don’t have to be one of them. California Legal Funding, LLC, of Los Angeles offers plaintiff loans for those who wish to pursue their case until a fair settlement is won. Winning this settlement may take time, but it will be worth it in the end because those who continue to fight often get significantly higher compensation settlements.

What are Plaintiff Loans?

Plaintiff loans are non-recourse loans. This means they’re given to plaintiffs, or people who have filed lawsuits, based on the merits of the case and an estimate of what the final case settlement is likely to be. Plaintiff loans are actually cash advances on the final settlement itself. You never have to pay them back, or the interest that they accrue, because that money all comes from the settlement. And, because it’s only a relatively small percentage of the settlement (usually ten to  fifteen percent) so you get to keep most of your settlement after the case is won. If your case is lost, you still don’t need to pay this money back.

A plaintiff loan allows your attorney to continue pleading your case in court for as long as it takes to win you the compensation settlement that you deserve. This way, you don’t have to give up early and take whatever the negligent party offers you, which will not be enough.

How to Obtain Plaintiff Funding in Los Angeles

If you’re thinking about filing a lawsuit for a personal injury or negligence case, you need to know how to obtain plaintiff funding in Los Angeles. It’s actually a lot less complicated than you may think. In fact, it’s easy! All you have to do is to find a plaintiff funding company that works with cases like yours, and there are many. Look for a company that offers low funding rate and clear terms on their offer. Also, look for one that has an easy application process. Let your attorney know that California Legal Funding is ready to help you today!! We’ll let you know if you qualify.  If you’ve been injured by any negligent party, chances are that you do.

At California Legal Funding, LLC of Los Angeles, there’s no credit check or verification of employment. All we will need is your attorney’s contact information and your approval to obtain your case information. This allows us to call him or her to discuss your case and its merits, along with the extent of the damages that were done to you, and determine how much your plaintiff loan will be. It doesn’t take long to get the money. You may have it in a matter of a few days.

Call Us Today to Discuss Legal Funding Options

Being injured or harmed by a negligent or reckless party is unfair and it can be very costly. You’ll need medical treatment and possibly a long period of rehabilitation, and you’ll need to keep up with your regular expenses and bills. You may be worried about your future and in pain, both physically and emotionally. But it’s even worse if you never receive the compensation that is justly yours. Don’t let that happen. California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles offers professional services to meet your legal funding needs. Call us today to discuss legal funding options and get back your peace of mind.