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Pharmaceutical Drug Injury

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Pharmaceutical Drug Injury Cases Funding

Large pharmaceutical companies are profit-driven and competitive. The goal of developing drugs to cure disease and ease suffering is a noble one. However, sometimes the pharmaceutical industry rushes to get drugs approved by the FDA before it’s really known if they are safe for everyone to use. As a result, people are sometimes injured by drugs.

If you’ve got a lawyer and are filing a lawsuit against a drug company because you’ve been injured or harmed by one of their medications, you might be concerned about how you’ll pay medical expenses and daily living expenses You already know that the legal battle might last for years, and that those fees can accumulate faster than you can ever pay them. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to consider using a pharmaceutical drug injury cases funding company to help pay your expenses. This way, you’re armed for the long struggle ahead and need not stop fighting until you get the compensation you deserve.

Legal Funding for Pharmaceutical Drug Injury Cases in Los Angeles

Legal funding for pharmaceutical drug injury cases in Los Angeles is available to anyone who has been injured by a pharmaceutical drug. You may not have heard much about this option, as it’s not broadcasted on the media. The huge companies that manufacture drugs don’t want to be challenged with a lawsuit every time someone is hurt by a drug that went on the market too soon, so legal funding for pharmaceutical drug injury cases is a well-kept secret.

However, you should be aware if you’ve been harmed in a pharmaceutical drug injury, especially if you want to hold the pharmaceutical manufacturing company responsible. These huge companies make billions of dollars in profits. Using a legal funding company can bring you closer to a fair financial compensation.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Pharmaceutical Drug Injury Cases

If you’ve already hired a lawyer and have filed a pharmaceutical drug injury case, you may be wondering how you’re going to pay your living expenses. Pre-settlement loans for pharmaceutical drug injury cases are appropriate for people like you to fund their daily living expenses or medical costs. This type of loan is a non-recourse loan for which you are not personally liable, as it will be paid from the compensation settlement amount that is won in the case. Even if you lose the case, you will still owe nothing.

When applying for this type of cash advance, it’s wise to notify your attorney that you want to work with a pre-settlement loan company and to bring the documents outlining your case. Be sure to check the funding term, and ask your attorney for an estimate of the compensation he thinks you can get from the case. The loan amount for which you’re likely to qualify will be 10% to 15% of that estimate.

About Los Angeles Pharmaceutical Drug Injury Case Settlement Loans

Maybe you’ve already sued a drug company for a pharmaceutical drug injury and are waiting for the compensation check. But if bills have piled up and you’re having a hard time keeping up with them all, then it’s time to learn about Los Angeles pharmaceutical drug injury case settlement loans. This kind of loan can help you pay your medical bills, mortgage payment, etc., and keep you afloat until the compensation check finally arrives.

Just like a pre-settlement loan, you never have to pay a settlement loan back unless you win your case, as it will be paid off from the compensation settlement amount. Settlement loans are also less risky and have a lower funding rate because the settlement amount has already been determined. To learn more about pharmaceutical drug injury case settlement loans in Los Angeles, call California Legal Funding, LLC today. You’ve got nothing to lose!