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Pedestrian Accident Case Funding in Los Angeles

These days, with all the popular technology, drivers are more distracted, rushed and irresponsible than ever. You see them texting, putting on makeup, and talking on their cell phones while they drive. But because you have the right to walk safely down the street, a negligent or careless driver needs to be held accountable. If you’ve been hit by a car, pedestrian accident cases funding in Los Angeles can help you finance a lawsuit that wins you the compensation you need to get through this challenging time. California Legal Funding, LLC offers you that funding, so that you can see your case to completion.

About Pedestrian Accident Settlement Loans

If you’ve filed a lawsuit as the victim of a pedestrian accident, it’s time to learn about pedestrian accident settlement loans. Your injury could range from a slight soft tissue injury requiring minor medical treatment to a major spinal cord injury requiring a lifetime of care. Either way, you probably qualify for a pedestrian accident settlement loan. This kind of loan is not really a loan because it never has to be paid back unless you win your case. It’s a cash advance. All monies due, comes from the final compensation settlement.
You can qualify for this funding even if your case has been resolved and you’re waiting for the compensation check. After all, it can take quite a while for that compensation check to arrive due to legal and bureaucratic delays, so pedestrian accident settlement loans can help you pay the bills while you wait.

How to Obtain Legal Funding for Pedestrian Accidents

If you’ve been a victim of a pedestrian accident, your injuries are probably serious and will take a long time to heal. You may be off work and without wages for months, or even years, and there will be costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation. You’ll also need to continue caring for your family financially and paying your bills while the case is being worked. If you’re thinking about suing, it’s smart to learn how to obtain legal funding for pedestrian accidents.

Applying for legal funding for a pedestrian accident with California Legal Funding, LLC is easy, and if you’ve been injured, you qualify. There is no application fee, no credit check, and no income verification. All we need is your attorney’s contact information to get the details on your case and your authorization to obtain your case information.

The money will be advanced based on the merits of your case and can be used for whatever you want and/or need, whether it’s medical expenses, or to keep up with rent or utilities.

Learn More About Pre-Settlement Loans for Pedestrian Accidents

After a pedestrian accident, you may be suddenly overwhelmed with a number of issues, beginning with your need for medical treatment. With all this on your plate, you don’t have time to worry about how you will pay for medical expensive and daily living expenses when you file your lawsuit for personal injury compensation. Pre-settlement loans for pedestrian accidents are a way to pay your legal expenses while you focus on healing from your injuries and carrying on with your life. You need not worry about adding another debt to pay, because a pre-settlement loan for pedestrian accidents is, in reality, a cash advance that is paid back from the final amount of the compensation settlement itself. Even if you don’t win your case you still owe us nothing.

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