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Los Angeles Car Accident Cases Funding

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Los Angeles Car Accident Cases Funding

Car accidents can be life-changing, making it difficult or even impossible to work thereby causing financial problems for you and your family. Injured plaintiffs can now receive car accident cases funding from California Legal Funding, LLC for immediate cash help. Loans for car accident cases in Los Angeles can help you get back on your feet before your lawsuit is finalized and you receive your settlement check. These car accident loans are a great financial tool that gets you the cash you need to pay your bills while waiting for your case to be settled by your attorney and taking the necessary time to recover from your injuries.

About Car Accident Settlement Loans

To win maximum compensation for damages, your attorney must have the proper time to litigate your case. This could mean years. Without car accident settlement loans, you may not be able to stay financially afloat and, in severe cases may risk bankruptcy and foreclosure. A car accident settlement loan offers a cash advance that prevents you from dealing with these financial issues while recovering from car accident injuries. As a plaintiff of a car accident lawsuit, you are eligible for pre-settlement loans that offer a percentage of your excepted settlement before the case is resolved. A car accident settlement advance takes the leverage away from an insurance company trying to give you a low and unfair settlement and puts it into your hands in Los Angeles.

Legal Funding for Car Accidents

Qualifying for legal funding for car accidents in Los Angeles will depend on your injuries and the case type. At California Legal Funding, LLC, we fund a variety of accidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, and tractor-trailer accidents. Our legal funding company will provide a car accident loan if you’ve incurred bone fractures, bulging/herniated disks, traumatic head or back injuries, closed head injuries, spinal cord injuries, scarring or disfigurement, or any other injury.

We just ask for documentation of your injury and your attorney’s information. This information allows us to discuss the estimated settlement amount with your attorney and provide you with legal funding for a percentage of that estimate along with an interest rate. Remember, you only pay us back if you recover compensation from your lawsuit. If you lose, you don’t owe us a thing. If you’re still unsure if your injury qualifies for legal funding for car accidents, contact us today.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Car Accidents

If you decide that pre-settlement loans for car accidents are for you, contact California Legal Funding, LLC. We offer low funding rates, zero monthly payments, no hidden or upfront fees, risk-free funding, and quick cash transfers when you need money fast. Our team of experienced legal funding experts can explain the application process and answer any questions you may have about car accident cases funding. So, don’t hesitate and call us today!