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Labor Law Cases Funding

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Labor Law Cases Funding

If your employment has been terminated due to something you believe is unethical, such as racial discrimination, whistleblowing, or health issues, you are undoubtedly suffering and wondering what the future will bring. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and many whistleblower laws protect employees from the unethical actions of employers. You do have rights and you can sue, but if you’re no longer employed, how can you afford an attorney? Labor law cases funding may be a way to ease your worries.

If you’ve been working for an employer for a long time and were fired for reasons that you think might be illegal, see a labor law attorney who can evaluate your case and work with a labor law case funding firm to help provide for your daily living expenses. Don’t walk away from something you know was wrong. 

Legal Funding for Employment Law Cases in Los Angeles

Legal funding for employment law cases in Los Angeles can be useful in many employment situations. Being treated unfairly or being harassed at work, being treated differently because of your race or nationality, or being paid unfairly because of your gender are all situations that constitute a toxic work environment. They’re also illegal and can be challenged in court, as can an unfair termination of employment. But for a lone employee, challenging these things in court against an employer can seem like a David and Goliath kind of fight. 

You may work for a large company that has many employees and managers, and plenty of money as well. You may be able to find a good labor law attorney, but may wonder how you can afford the cost of a lawsuit if you’ve been fired or are in danger of losing your job. Legal funding for employment law cases in Los Angeles can help you pay your living expenses during a lawsuit, so that you can receive fair compensation for your unethical treatment. If you’ve lost your job, it can also help you financially until you are re-hired or find another job.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Labor Law Cases

If you’ve worked for your employer for many years and have had good performance reviews, or if you have witnesses that can testify to the unethical behavior of your employer, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Once you’ve filed a lawsuit with a labor law attorney, you will have some idea of what the merits of your case are and what kind of compensation you may be eligible to receive. However, your employer will probably fight you with all the resources they have and your case could drag on for quite some time, even years.  Pre-settlement loans for labor law cases can then come in handy to pay your medical expenses and daily expenses. A pre-settlement loan does not have to be paid back, if you end up losing the case.

Learn More About Los Angeles Labor Law Case Settlement Loans

If you have already sued an employer for wrongful termination or another unethical employment situation, then it’s time to learn more about Los Angeles labor law case settlement loans. You can get this type of loan to pay help pay for your medical expenses and catch up on bills on which you may have fallen behind during the legal process or while you were unemployed. This risk free loan does not need to be paid back unless you win your case. To learn more about Los Angeles labor law case settlement loans and find out how they can help you, call California Legal Funding, LLC today.