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If you’ve been harmed or injured in a personal injury, unfair labor, defective product, or other case of negligence, you may be considering filing a lawsuit and may also have heard of pre-settlement funding. You’re probably also wondering how it works and how you could ever pay back a loan at a time like this. That’s one worry you can erase from your mind, because pre-settlement loans do not have to be paid back. In fact, they’re not really loans. They’re cash advances that are paid from an estimate of the final compensation settlement for your case.

Here’s how it works. After you file your lawsuit, contact our pre-settlement funding company, California Legal Funding, LLC, and give us authority to obtain case information from your attorney. We will then contact your attorney to discuss your case. The loan amount and the funding rate that you will be approved for will be based upon the merits of your case and the amount of risk that it presents. The amount approved will be a percentage of the estimated final settlement, usually about 10% to 15%. You can use the pre-settlement money for anything you wish, from paying medical expenses to just paying ordinary bills. It’s your decision. A pre-settlement loan can help you win fair compensation, and, in the end, you’ll reduce your financial and emotional stress.

About Our Lawsuit Funding Company

Lawsuit funding companies exist to help plaintiffs like you fund their lawsuits so that their attorneys can continue the work towards a compensation settlement that is adequate and fair. Learning about our lawsuit funding company is the sensible thing to do, as it allows the legal work to continue so that you don’t have to accept the first low offer that the negligent party offers you. With lawsuit funding, you can afford to let your attorney continue to fight for maximum compensation.

California Legal Funding will empower your attorney, helping you move forward during a time that is often frightening and overwhelming. We offer fair case funding terms that are based on the risks of your case, and along with your attorney, will handle everything while you work to get your life back after your injury.

About the Best Pre-Settlement Funding Companies

Of course, you want to choose a pre-settlement funding company that will treat you fairly and allow you to keep the maximum amount of your final compensation settlement. It is wise to do your homework and learn about the best pre-settlement funding companies.

A good pre-settlement funding company will always make the terms of the loan very clear to you, in language that you can easily understand, and answer any questions you may have about the process. It will charge you a fair interest rate that is based only upon the merits and risks of your particular case, and will offer you an application process that is easy and hassle-free. It won’t do a credit check and will not require any verification of your employment. It won’t make you do a heap of paperwork or answer irrelevant questions. In short, it will be on your side.  California Legal Funding, LLC, of Los Angeles, is that kind of pre-settlement funding company.  We’ll make the legal process much easier for both you and your attorney.

Call Our Los Angeles Legal Funding Company Today to Learn More

If you’ve filed a lawsuit for a personal injury, unfair labor, defective product, or other scenario in which you’ve been harmed or injured by a negligent party, call our legal funding company in Los Angeles to learn more. Don’t let the legal process intimidate you nor negligent parties with lots of money and well-trained lawyers treat you unfairly. You can afford to pursue justice and get the compensation settlement you deserve with pre-settlement funding. California Legal Funding, LLC, of Los Angeles is here to serve you in your time of uncertainty and need. Call us today and let us bring you the peace of mind that you deserve.