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Funding Solutions for Lawsuits in California

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Funding Solutions for Lawsuits in California

All too often, people who’ve been injured or harmed in accidents or toxic employment situations end up suing and taking a compensation settlement that is not fair and is too low for their needs. Funding solutions for lawsuits in California are becoming more and more popular because they make it possible for accident victims and victims of unfair treatment to finance their daily living expenses or medical bills that accumulate when a lawsuit drags on for months or years. Funding solutions are cash advances that can help you, the victim, allow  your attorney to work for the best compensation settlement for your case. Funding solutions are a risk-free option that buys you time, so that your lawyer can continue to fight the employer or party that injured you. California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles offers you funding solutions for your lawsuit needs so that you can pursue a fair outcome.

About our Lawsuit Funding Company

If you’ve filed a lawsuit, or are thinking of filing a lawsuit due to an injury from an accident, unfair employment treatment, wrongful termination, or an injury caused by a defective product or medical device, considering a lawsuit funding company is a smart thing to do. At California Legal Funding, LLC, we offer lawsuit funding cash advances that are non-recourse loans. In other words, you’ll never need to pay them back because the money will be taken from the final compensation settlement. Our application process is easy and does not require a lot of  paperwork . Our funding rates are low and will be paid from the final case settlement. The terms of the arrangement are clear so that there’s no confusion and no surprises later on. All we need is your lawyer’s contact information.

What a Pre-Settlement Funding Company Can Do for You

If you’ve been injured or harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may feel outraged because your rights have been violated, but you may feel that the guilty party is much more well-equipped to fight a legal battle than you are. After all, attorneys can be expensive, and large companies devote much time, energy, and resources to denying any negligence. A pre-settlement funding company like California Legal Funding  LLC can offer you funding for your personal expenses, based solely upon the merits of your case and on an estimate of what your settlement amount is likely to be. The cash advance you’ll get will be a small percentage of that estimate, about 10 to 15% at most, allowing you to maximize your compensation amount and retain most of your settlement after the case is settled.

All About Lawsuit Settlement Loans

Even if you’ve already sued and your case has been settled, you may not have received your settlement compensation check yet and may be behind on bills. This is why it makes sense to learn all about lawsuit settlement loans. A lawsuit settlement loan can give you the money you need to catch up on bills while you wait for the compensation check to arrive. Its arrival may take more time than you’d expect, due to delayed legal processes and bureaucratic red tape. A lawsuit settlement loan will put money in your pocket now so you can go on with your life and keep your credit intact. Since it’s based on a settlement amount that has already been determined, it’s totally risk-free, and just like a pre-settlement loan, you never have to pay it back.

Learn More Information About Cash Advances on Pending Lawsuits in Los Angeles

If you’re one of the many people who’s filed a lawsuit for a personal injury, wrongful termination, harm from a medical device, or a violation of your civil rights, you probably need help with living  expenses so that your attorney can continue working to win your case. To learn more about how cash advances on pending lawsuits in Los Angeles can help you get the cash you need, call California Legal Funding, LLC today.