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Help is on the way!

Your client’s legal funding pre-settlement cash lifeline gives you the time needed to settle the case for its full and fair value. At California Legal Funding, LLC, we have created a unique process that has helped countless attorneys just like you with legal funding, allowing you to use your time efficiently. We offer a phone consultation where we can discuss our process in full. Additionally, there’s no paperwork to draft as we do everything for you. So, if your clients need funding while you’re advocating for their rights and working on their case, contact California Legal Funding, LLC.

Quick Legal Funding

We can get legal funding for our clients within hours. You can sign onto a mobile device to sign contracts, or come into our office and sign a paper copy, and get immediate money disbursements. We can wire the money to client’s accounts using Western Union, or can send them a check with FedEx. When you use our successful legal funding company, you can rest assured that your client gets the money they need while you’re working diligently to secure them their settlement.

Why Hire our Legal Funding Company

We are committed to  you and your client, the plaintiff. We offer competitive pricing, follow all state laws to ensure the transaction is legal, and offer non-recourse cash advances meaning that the plaintiff  will not  owe anything if no award or settlement is secured.

At California Legal Funding, LLC, we treat all potential clients with professionalism and respect at all times. Our reputable track record has provided a financial lifeline to countless plaintiffs in the local area.

Call to Learn More Today

We can discuss your options and extend an amount to you. If you’re not comfortable with the number, you always have the right to decline funding. As a legal funding company, we understand how important it is to secure proper funding while you help your client get what they deserve. Call us today to learn more about what California Legal Funding, LLC can offer you and your client!