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FELA Cases Funding

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FELA Cases Funding

If you’re a railroad employee and have been injured in a train accident due to negligence on the part of your employer, you’re entitled to make Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) claim.  FELA cases funding is available to cover your daily living expenses or medical bills  of your case while you recover from your injuries. Railroad injuries can be serious and can require a long period of treatment and rehabilitation, and may even change your quality of life indefinitely. You’ll lose time from work, but the FELA cases funding can help you pay your bills. If you lose your case, no repayment is required. If you win, repayment is made from the final settlement amount, and there are no credit checks and no application fees. All the work is done through your case attorney and you can often receive this funding within 24 hours.

Legal Funding for FELA cases in Los Angeles

The application process for legal funding for FELA cases in Los Angeles is easy. All we need is your attorney’s contact information and your authorization given us authority to review your case files. There’s no cost to begin the process, and you will never have to pay the money back if you lose your case. Your main focus should be on gathering the evidence to support your case, like the testimony of any witnesses at the scene and evidence from the scene, including photographs if possible. Discuss the case and the accident only with your attorney and no one else. To win your case, your attorney must prove that your employer was somehow negligent, and the railroad company will undoubtedly fight your attorney. Your case could drag on for years, which is why legal funding for FELA cases in Los Angeles is a necessity. The money from FELA case funding will help you while you wait for the final settlement from the case.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Jones Act Cases

Anyone who was injured on the job while working at sea is entitled to workers compensation as stipulated by the Jones Act. But workers compensation is often not enough to take care of your bills and treatment if you’ve had a serious injury. As such, you may want to hire an attorney to file a private personal injury lawsuit if your employer was negligent. Pre-settlement loans for Jones Act cases can be useful to you here, because they fund your daily living or medical  expenses. This way, you can get a larger amount of compensation because you can afford the legal battle that will start after your attorney files the case. The money for the medical expensive comes from the pre-settlement loan, which you’ll never have to pay back unless you win your case, even if the case is lost in court. Since your employer will try to deny responsibility for your injuries or will claim that they’re unrelated to your job, your case could go on for years. But you need money now, and the pre-settlement loan will provide that for you. Because it comes from the final settlement, this process is risk-free. It also requires no credit check, and you only need your lawyer’s contact information to get started.

FELA Case Settlement Loans

FELA case settlement loans are very helpful in any FELA case in which an employee was injured as a result of the negligence of a railroad employer. FELA cases often go on for a long time because they require a greater burden of proof for negligence than does workers compensation. But while this is going on, you still need to stay afloat financially. A FELA case settlement loan is a cash advance that helps you pay your legal expenses and other bills.

Los Angeles Jones Act Lawsuit Case Advancement

If you’re filing a Jones Act lawsuit for an injury that you sustained while working at sea, a Los Angeles Jones Act lawsuit case advancement will provide the money you need to pay your living expenses or medical bills.  Jones Act Pre-Settlement funding is  It’s a cash advance that you’ll never pay back unless you win your case. To learn more about Los Angeles Jones Act lawsuit case advancement and get the help you need to reach a fair settlement for your case, call California Legal Funding, LLC today.