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Construction Accident Case Funding 

Construction sites can be a very dangerous places to work . Employees often work at great heights or around toxic substances, falling objects, and exposed wires. And, while there are safety regulations that your employer is obligated to meet, these are not always met, increasing the odds of an accident. Accidents can also happen to you if you were not properly trained for your job or warned about possible hazardous conditions by your employer.

Injuries from construction work are often extensive, and according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 700 construction workers die annually from construction accidents. If you’ve been injured while working in construction, you may need to file a lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer to get compensation. You will probably need time off work, which means you won’t be collecting wages. Additionally, your medical treatment will cost money and you must pay your everyday bills. Construction accident cases funding from California Legal Funding, LLC in Los Angeles can help you handle the expenses associated with such an accident while you wait for the settlement.

Los Angeles Construction Accident Settlement Loans

If you were injured in an accident while working on a construction site and have already filed and won a personal injury case with a private lawyer, your compensation check can take quite a bit of time to get to you due to bureaucratic red tape. However, you still owe people money and have medical bills, utility bills and a mortgage or rent to pay. Los Angeles construction accident settlement loans are a way to get you some money to tide you over until your compensation check from the case finally arrives in the mail. This is money you’ll never have to pay back, because it comes from your compensation settlement itself. This risk-free loan is easy to qualify for, and you can often get qualified in a day’s time. There are no upfront fees and all that’s needed is your attorney’s contact information.

Legal Funding for Construction Accidents

A personal injury lawsuit for a construction accident injury is always an uphill climb. This kind of lawsuit can drag on for months, or even years. Meanwhile, legal expenses can pile up, as well as unpaid bills if you’re not working. Legal funding for construction accidents is a way to fund your daily living expenses so that your personal injury attorney can continue working on winning you fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

The construction company you worked for will fight your attorney every step of the way and will deny responsibility for your injury. They are prepared with a team of their own attorneys and the financial resources to keep you in court for a long time. Legal funding for construction accidents is one way to make sure your lawyer can stay in the ring, battling it out until you win a settlement that works for you. The worker’s compensation that you get from your injury will never be enough to cover all the expenses that come your way, so legal funding for construction accidents is the logical choice for the extra income you will need until your case is settled.

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If you’ve been injured in a construction accident and are thinking of filing a personal injury case with your own private lawyer to get compensation, consider a pre-settlement loan for construction accidents in Los Angeles today. This is one loan you’ll never have to pay back unless you are awarded. No credit check is needed. All we need is your lawyer’s contact information. Los Angeles’ California Legal Funding, LLC can get your case funded so that you can get the compensation you both need and deserve.

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